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China Textile City, weaving cloth and other short fiber cloth market broadcast


Summary:??1. All kinds of woven and knitted cotton fabrics (including cotton grey fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics and gauze fabrics) mainly composed of cotton fabrics such as c/c garment fabrics and decorative fabrics, with a total turnover of about 520,000 meters;Second, all kinds of t/c yarn-based woven, knitted polyester cotton cloth (including grey cloth, yarn-dyed, mesh gauze), the total turnover is about 280,000 meters;Third, all kinds of t/r spun yarn-based woven suits like woolen cloth, the total turnover is about 180,000 meters;Fourth, all kinds of woven, knitting: nylon cotton, t / t yarn, cotton polyester interwoven, mixed cloth, etc., the total transaction volume is about 45,000 meters;5. All kinds of woven and knitted fabrics, such as c/c, t/c, t/r and other short-staple covered yarns: elastic fabrics, covered yarn elastic composite fabrics, with a total turnover of about 65,000 meters;Sixth, all kinds of staple fiber coated cloth, artificial leather and coated human leather composite cloth with woven cotton, c/c and t/c as the base fabric, the total transaction volume is about 5.5 meters;7. All kinds of artificial cotton fabrics (including knitted cotton fabrics, including some human silk long-fiber fabrics: "human silk brocade" and other varieties) total transaction volume is about 9 meters;China Textile City On August 2, 2009, the total transaction volume of various types of staple fiber cloth was about 1.24 million meters.

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